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Major Intersection Improvements - Newtown -Route 34

2. Notice of Scoping for  Intersection Improvements: Route 34 (Berkshire Rd.) at SR 490 (Wasserman Way), Route 34 (Berkshire Road) at Toddy Hill Road,  and SR 490 (Wasserman Way) at I-84 Interchange 11 Ramps

Municipality where proposed project might be located: Newtown

Address of Possible Project Location: Route 34 (Berkshire Rd.) at SR 490 (Wasserman Way), Route 34 (Berkshire Road) at Toddy Hill Road,  and SR 490 (Wasserman Way) at I-84 Interchange 11 Ramps

Project Description: The purpose of this project is to address congestion and improve traffic operations at a key junction between the major commuter routes of I-84 Interchange 11 ramps, Route 34 (Berkshire Road), and Route 25 via SR 490 (Wasserman Way). 

The length of the proposed project area is 2600' along Route 34, 3700' along the I-84 ramps, 1500' along Wasserman Way, and approximately 100' on Toddy Hill Road.  A bridge replacement project on Toddy Hill Road is currently programmed for construction under the town's state-funded bridge replacement project and is not part of these improvements.

The proposed improvements will address extensive congestion, improve traffic operations and safety by providing auxiliary turning lanes, improved geometry at intersections, and by constructing a slip ramp from Route 34 West Bound (WB) to access the I-84 East Bound (EB) and WB ramps. 

Improvements include widening the roadway on Route 34 and Wasserman Way, adding turning lanes at the intersections, improving the sightlines at the Route 34 and Toddy Hill Road intersection by lowering the roadway profile, upgrading existing drainage, and constructing a retaining wall under the I-84 overpass to accommodate the proposed widening.  The off-ramp from I-84 at the Exit 11 interchange will be reconfigured to accommodate an additional turn lane and realigned to normalize the intersection with Wasserman Way.  The I-84 EB ramp will be realigned slightly north to accommodate the proposed slip ramp from Route 34.  Route 34 will be widened at the westerly project limit to accommodate a WB bypass width shoulder for the High School driveway.  The existing commuter lot located on Wasserman Way will be partially reconstructed.  Illumination will be upgraded on the I-84 ramps as part of this project.  

New traffic signals will replace the existing signals on Route 34 at Wasserman Way and on Wasserman Way at the I-84 ramp termini.  A major upgrade to the traffic signal on Route 34 at Toddy Hill Road is also proposed.

Improvements to bicycle, pedestrian and commuter accommodations will be incorporated where possible.  Four foot minimum shoulders will be included and 5 foot shoulders may be included where possible.  Sidewalks are proposed along the south side of Route 34 from the Newtown High School to Toddy Hill Road, and along Wasserman Way from the Route 34 intersection south to Oakview Road.  Sidewalk is also proposed on Wasserman Way to the commuter lot. 

Project Maps:  Click here to view location maps of the project area.

                          Click here to view the proposed project concept map.

Written comments from the public are welcomed and will be accepted until the close of business on:  Friday May 20, 2016

Any person can ask the sponsoring agency to hold a Public Scoping Meeting by sending such a request to the address below.  If a meeting is requested by 25 or more individuals, or by an association that represents 25 or more members, the sponsoring agency shall schedule a Public Scoping Meeting.  Such requests must be made by Friday April 29, 2016. 

Written comments and/or requests for a Public Scoping Meeting should be sent to:

Name: Mr. Mark W. Alexander, Transportation Assistant Planning Director
Connecticut Department of Transportation
Bureau of Policy and Planning
Address: 2800 Berlin Turnpike, Newington, CT 06131

If you have questions about the scoping for this project, contact:

Name: Mr. Neil M. Patel, Transportation Supervising Engineer
Connecticut Department of Transportation
Bureau of Engineering and Construction
Address: 2800 Berlin Turnpike, Newington, CT 06131
Phone: 860-594-3411