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Plants: Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, and House Plants

Plant - General 
NEW--June 2016--Running Bamboo in Connecticut (PDF Format)


PP009 Common Diseases of Bedding Plants
PP011 Diseases of Geranium
PP043 Poinsettias: Disease Prevention and Control
PP077 Common Diseases of Rose
NEW--June 2016--
Black Spot of Rose (PDF Format)
Downy Mildew of Impatiens Downy Mildew of Impatiens (PDF Format)
Hibiscus Sawfly, Atomacera decepta, Hymenoptera: Argidae (PDF Format)
Identification and Management of Diseases of Perennials in the Landscape (PDF Format)
Lily Leaf Beetle, Lilioceris lilii Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae (PDF Format)
Planting Flowers for Bees in Connecticut (PDF Format)


PP017 Disease Control for Home Apple Orchards
PP018 Disease Control for Home Blueberry Plantings
PP019 Disease Control for Home Cherry Orchards
PP020 Disease Control for Home Grape Plantings
PP021 Disease Control for Home Peach Orchards
PP022 Disease Control for Home Pear Orchards
PP023 Disease Control for Home Plum Orchards
PP029 Fire Blight
PP032 Grape Varieties for Connecticut
PP045 Pruning and Fruit Bearing of Common Tree Fruit in Connecticut
PP062 Strategies for Management of X-Disease of Stone Fruits
PP065 Plum Pox: A New Threat to Stone Fruit Production in the United States
EN023 Apple Tortrix Archips fuscocupreanus
EN024 Green Pug Chloroclystis rectangulata
NEW--June 2016--
Apple Scab (PDF Format)
Black Knot of Ornamental Plum and Cherry (PDF Format)
Cedar-Apple Rust (PDF Format)
NEW--February 2016--Grape Anthracnose (PDF Format)
NEW--February 2016--Grape Downy Mildew (PDF Format)
NEW--January 2016--Grape Powdery Mildew (PDF Format)
NEW--January 2019--Grapevine Fanleaf Degeneration/Decline Disease
NEW--February 2019--Grapevine Leafroll Disease
How to Grow Pumpkins in Connecticut (PDF Format)
Overwintering and Propagation of Figs in Connecticut (PDF Format)
NEW--February 2019-- Peach Leaf Curl
NEW--October 2018--
Pear Trellis Rust (PDF Format)
Update on Spray Materials For Managing Spotted Wing Drosophila (PDF Format)
Winter and Early Season Fire Blight Management (PDF Format)

NEW--August 2017--Red Thread of Turfgrass (PDF Format)
NEW--August 2017--Volutella Blight of Boxwood (PDF Format)
NEW--March 2018--Yellow Nutsedge (Cyperus esculentus) Control in Home Lawns With Cool Season Turfgrasses (PDF Format)


EN010 Aphids: Family Aphididae
EN011 Cutworms
PP072 Selected Bacterial Diseases of Vegetables
Anthracnose of Cucumber (PDF Format)
Anthracnose of Tomato (PDF Format)
Asparagus in Connecticut and Common Diseases (PDF Format)
Bacterial Spot of Pepper (PDF Format)
NEW--October 2018--Bacterial Spot of Tomato (PDF Format)
Belgian Endive (PDF Format)
Blossom-End Rot of Tomato (PDF Format)
Downy Mildew of Basil (PDF Format)
NEW April 2016-- Downy Mildew of Cucurbit (PDF Format)
Early Blight of Tomato (PDF Format)
How to Grow Globe Artichokes (PDF Format)
How to Grow Vegetable Amaranth in Connecticut (PDF Format)
How to Grow Pumpkins in Connecticut (PDF Format)
Image Gallery for Late Blight (PDF Format)
Jilo (PDF Format)
Late Blight of Tomato and Potato in Connecticut (PDF Format)
Leaf Mold of Tomato (PDF Format)
Personal-Size Watermelons (PDF Format)
Phytophthora Blight of Pepper (PDF Format)
Pigweed Flea Beetle (Disonycha glabrata) (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) (PDF Format)
Planning Your Garden (PDF Format)
Planting Your Garden (PDF Format)
Powdery Mildew of Cucurbits (PDF Format)
Powdery Mildew of Tomato (PDF Format)
Pruning, Training, and Supporting Tomatoes (PDF Format)
Reducing Pesticide Use on Guatemalan Snow Peas Exported to the United States, by Dr. Hugh A. Smith, Dr. John L. Capinera and Dr. Charles M. MacVean (PDF Format)
Spanish Version--Reduciendo el uso de pesticidas en arveja china de Guatemala exportada a Estados Unidos de America (PDF Format, Spanish version of Reducing Pesticide Use on Guatemalan Snow Peas Exported to the United States)
Septoria Leaf Spot of Tomato (PDF Format)
NEW--February 2019--Stemphylium Gray Leaf Spot of Tomato
Sweet Potatoes (PDF Format)
Verticillium Wilt of Vegetables and Herbaceous Ornamentals (PDF Format)

House Plants
Diagnosis of Common Houseplant Problems
General Houseplant Care
Houseplants for Different Light Categories

NEW--May 2019--Weed and Sucker Management in Hops