Using Your Barbeque Safely

When the sun stays up longer…
   • It is fun to eat outside. 
   • You can cook outside too. 
   • Many people cook outside using a barbeque or grill.
Gas grill
Types of Barbeques
   • Some people use gas barbeques. 
   • Some use charcoal barbeques. 
   • Here are safety tips about both: 
   • Never leave a barbecue unattended! 
   • Never move a lit barbecue. 
   • Use long-handled forks, spatulas, and spoons.

Barbeque Safety Tips
   • Use a barbeque with a lid. 
   • Do not cook on a balcony or deck. 
   • Make sure the ground is flat. 
   • Stay away from trees. 
   • Cook at least ten feet away from your house
     or apartment building.

If there are flames on the grill:
   • Do not put water on the fire! 
   • For gas grills: 
      o Turn off the burners 
      o If it is safe, turn off the tank valve 
   • For charcoal grills: 
      o Close the grill lid

If the flames do not go out:
   • Report It! Call 9-1-1! 
   • Call the Fire Department right away. 
   • Fight It! – But only if the fire is small. 
      o You may fight it after you report it. 
      o Use a fire extinguisher. 
   • Escape It! 
      o If the fire gets big, or goes near the gas tank, get away from it. Wait far away from
         it for the Fire Department to come.

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