Outdoor Food Safety

When You Eat Outdoors
  • Remember to keep food: Picnic table
    • Clean
    • Cool
    • Covered
    • Safe

Keep it Clean!

  • Wash and clean:
    • Your hands before starting
    • The counter where you get food ready to cook
    • The things you use to cook with
    • The table where you eat

Keep it Cool!

  • Use a cooler with ice.
  • Keep your food in the cooler.
  • Don’t take the food out until you are ready to eat.

Keep it Covered!

  • Keep all food covered.
  • Leave the cover on until you are ready to eat.
  • This will keep flies and other bugs off the food.

Keep it Safe!

  • If you are cooking meat: barbeque cooking
    • Cook it all the way through!
    • Use a meat thermometer to check it.
    • If you have left over food, put it in the cooler.
  • If food looks or smells bad:
    • Do not eat it.
    • Throw it away!

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