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Gov. Malloy, Lt. Gov. Wyman, Commissioner Wentzell Statements On President Trump's Gun Proposals

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Dannel P. Malloy, Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman, and State Department of Education Commissioner Dianna Wentzell released the following statements on the Trump administration’s school safety proposals:

“Just days after he looked the American people in the eye and promised real action to prevent gun violence, President Trump is proposing a plan that will appease his allies in the NRA but do very little to keep our children safe.” Governor Malloy said. “The most encouraging part of his proposal, the President's endorsement of the 'Fix NICS' act, will help ensure existing law is followed, but it does nothing to ensure all gun sales are subject to background checks. Other aspects of his plan are grossly negligent and dangerously ill-informed, particularly arming teachers. Putting guns in the hands of educators is the wrong way to go about making our learning environments safer and healthier places for children to grow and thrive. In Connecticut, we serve as an example that it is possible to fortify our schools without turning them into fortresses. It’s time for the Trump Administration to drop the NRA talking points and get serious about engaging in a real discussion about school safety, which entails talking about positive school climates.

“And despite the President's lackluster proposals, Connecticut will continue to lead. We must act this session to ban bump stocks and make additional investments in school security."

“The country is demanding action on guns – civic groups are raising their voices in state houses and on Capitol Hill, student groups are marching for their lives, and influential members of the business community are stepping up for the public safety,” Lt. Governor Wyman said. “Legislators in states throughout the nation have chosen the lives of their residents over bulking up the campaign war chest. This is what leadership looks like. More guns in classrooms aren’t the answer. Comprehensive background checks, restricting civilian use of weapons of war, and banning bump stocks will protect the public and should be federal law. Connecticut will continue to lead, continue to put residents and the public safety first.”

“As education leaders it is our responsibility to foster a school climate that supports student achievement and well-being in which children feel welcome, accepted, valued and – above all – safe and secure,” Commissioner Dianna Wentzell said. “That is why I have always been proponent of, among other safety measures, utilizing school-based health and wellness centers to ensure students are happy, healthy and ready to learn. Schools are not prisons or fortresses and so my definition of safe schools keeps the focus where it belongs: on teaching and learning.”

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