Workers’ Compensation Claim Information Subject to Governor Lamont’s Executive Order 7JJJ


TO: Self-Insureds, Insurance Carriers, and Third-Party Administrators
FROM: Stephen M. Morelli, Chairman
DATE: August 12, 2020
RE: Workers’ Compensation Claim Information Subject to Governor Lamont’s Executive Order 7JJJ


Governor Lamont's  link opens in new browser tab  Executive Order 7JJJ (“EO”) tasks the Workers’ Compensation Commission (“WCC”) with collecting information from employers and insurers some of which information is not available to WCC in its data base. The pertinent section of the EO which pertains to such information includes the following language:

“to the extent reasonably practicable, information about the percent of non-litigated COVID-19 workers’ compensation claims filed by hospital, municipal, and other employees that are record-only claims, have been granted or denied by the employer or insurer, and are being paid, including paid without prejudice, by the employer or insurer.

Employers and insurers shall comply with any requests from the Workers’ Compensation Commission for information pertinent to said reports.”

WCC, per the EO language provided our first report to the Office of the Governor on August 1, 2020 and is required to do so monthly until such time as it is no longer required. We would request you please provide to us in advance of September 1, 2020, the information requested so that WCC may comply with the Governor’s request.

While the language in the EO seems self-explanatory, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Richard Eighme whose contact information is provided below. The requested information can be submitted to Richard Eighme via email, mail or fax.

Richard Eighme, Communications and Legislative Program Manager
Workers’ Compensation Commission, Office of the Chairman
21 Oak Street
Hartford, CT 06106-8011

Phone:  (860) 493-1580
Fax:  (860) 247-1361

WCC appreciates your anticipated cooperation.