2009 Official Connecticut Practitioner Fee Schedule Memorandum - July 8, 2009


TO: Commissioners, District Administrators, Workers’ Compensation Advisory Board, Legal Advisory Panel, Medical Advisory Panel, Medical Practitioners, Self-Insureds, Insurance Carriers, Attorneys, and Unions
FROM: John A. Mastropietro, Chairman
DATE: July 8, 2009
RE: 2009 Official Connecticut Practitioner Fee Schedule effective July 15, 2009


As Chairman of the Workers’ Compensation Commission of the state of Connecticut, I am pleased to announce the 2009 workers’ compensation fee schedule effective July 15, 2009.

Published by Ingenix, the 2009 Official Connecticut Practitioner Fee Schedule will reflect all changes to the 2008 schedule. This new schedule will include revisions and clarification of some rules, and the new 2009 CPT® codes. This new publication will be effective for medical services rendered on or after July 15, 2009, regardless of the date of injury, that are payable to health care providers authorized or permitted to render care under the Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Act.

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