Emergency Hearings


TO: Commissioners, District Administrators, Attorneys, Insurance Carriers, Self-Insureds, Unions, Workers' Compensation Advisory Board and Legal Advisory Panel
FROM: Jesse M. Frankl, Chairman
DATE: June 17, 1998
RE: Emergency Hearings


Effective July 1, 1998 emergency hearings will be scheduled commencing at 8:15 a.m. in each of the Workers’ Compensation Commission district offices. It is expected that all parties will be present at these hearings. The following criteria are to be utilized for emergency hearings:

  1. All Form 36 contests;
  2. All new cases where a Form 43 has been filed and no benefits are being received by the claimant;
  3. Where there is an emergency for surgery;
  4. Where the claimant may lose his/her home or his/her motor vehicle;
  5. "No insurance" cases (§ 31-355).