Workers' Compensation Fraud

Fraudulent Claim or Receipt of Benefits


Pursuant to Section 31-290c of the Workers' Compensation Act, the fraudulent receipt of benefits, or the fraudulent attempt to receive benefits, is a:

  • class C felony  -  if the amount of benefits claimed or received is less than two thousand dollars
  • class B felony  -  if the amount of such benefits exceeds two thousand dollars

A person found guilty of such fraud shall also be liable for treble damages in a civil proceeding under section 52-564 of the Connecticut General Statutes.

In addition, a person who helps another to fraudulently receive, or attempt to receive, benefits is also subject to the same penalty as the person actually receiving or attempting to receive such benefits.


Workers' Compensation Fraud Unit

Section 31-290d of the Workers' Compensation Act creates a workers' compensation fraud unit within the Office of the Chief State's Attorney/Division of Criminal Justice that investigates complaints of all parties alleged to be engaged in any form of workers’ compensation fraud.


Report Workers' Compensation Fraud Unit

If you suspect someone is engaging in workers’ compensation fraud, please contact the Division of Criminal Justice.