2019 CRB Opinions

pertaining to

Sec. 31-301. Factual findings.


Compensation Review Board opinions are presented for informational purposes only — “as is” — and the Commission makes no warranties regarding their usefulness for any given purpose. As always, the full texts of statutes, regulations, opinions, and court decisions should be consulted and all citations and references fully researched by the reader.


Arlio v. Trumbull
Case No. 6284 CRB 4-18-8  —  July 25, 2019

Ayala-Lopez v. FMP Transport, L.L.C.
Case No. 6275 CRB-4-18-5  —  May 23, 2019

Ayna v. Graebel/CT Movers, Inc.
Case No. 6214 CRB 7-17-8  —  March 6, 2019

Biggs v. Combined Insurance Company of America
Case No. 6247 CRB 7-18-2  —  April 12, 2019

Collin v. United Technologies Corp.
Case No. 6278 CRB-8-18-5  —  May 13, 2019

Coughlin v. City of Stamford Fire Department
Case No. 6218 CRB-5-17-9  —  February 15, 2019

DeLorge v. Norwich
Case No. 6286 CRB-2-18-8  —  August 5, 2019

DeMattia v. Dunkin Donuts
Case No. 6289 CRB 4-18-9  —  August 27, 2019

Dominguez-Sanchez v. Ta Caislean, Inc.
Case No. 6266 CRB-5-18-4  —  March 28, 2019

Frantzen v. Davenport Electric
Case No. 6091 CRB-4-16-4  —  November 4, 2019

Greco v. Precision Devices, Inc.
Case No. 6265 CRB-8-18-4  —  June 17, 2019

Hyde v. Branson UltraSonics Corp.
Case No. 6282 CRB-7-18-7  —  July 10, 2019

Lefevre v. TPC Associates, Inc.
Case No. 6255 CRB-4-18-3  —  March 26, 2019

Mauriello v. Craftsmen Litho
Case No. 6256 CRB-5-18-3  —  March 22, 2019

Mellado v. Anthony Urbano/Earth Materials, L.L.C.
Case No. 6187 CRB-3-17-4  —  January 15, 2019

Morton v. Express Employment Services
Case No. 6300 CRB-8-18-12  —  October 31, 2019

Perry v. Danbury
Case No. 6209 CRB-4-17-8  —  February 25, 2019

Rock v. University of Connecticut
Case No. 6237 CRB-8-18-1  —  October 17, 2019

Shelesky v. Community Systems, Inc.
Case No. 6263 CRB-5-18-4  —  July 3, 2019

Tanner v. Murace Plumbing Co., Inc.
Case No. 6279 CRB-4-18-6  —  June 13, 2019

Wilson v. Stamford
Case No. 6309 CRB 7-19-2  —  December 13, 2019


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