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Vaccinating Kids with Special Needs

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Should kids with special needs or disabilities get the vaccine?


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends everyone six months and older get a COVID-19 vaccination. Because children and youth with specialized health needs and disabilities may be at higher risk for more severe illness from COVID-19, families and caregivers are asked to strongly consider vaccinating children with any underlying health condition or disability.


What if my child has a history of allergies?


Youth with underlying medical conditions can receive a COVID-19 vaccine. The only reason a person should not receive the vaccine is if they have had a life-threatening reaction (a reaction that requires an epi pen) to any of the ingredients in the COVID-19 vaccine. Find out what is in the COVID-19 vaccine here.


Children with more severe allergies to things not used in the vaccine usually do not have a problem with the COVID-19 vaccine. They will be asked to wait about 30 minutes after the shot to monitor symptoms.


What accommodations are available to my child?


  • Transportation to your child’s appointments: Free transportation resources exist across the state to help individuals get to their COVID-19 vaccination appointments. View transportation options here.
  • Accommodations at the appointment: When you make an appointment or arrive at the vaccine site, make sure you let the staff know that the child in your care might need some extra help.

    You can ask for accommodations such as:
    • Having the provider vaccinate your child in your car
    • Walking around after the shot instead of sitting
    • Having their favorite companion accompany and help them during the appointment
    • Getting vaccinated in a quiet room away from the crowds
  • Home Visits: Children who are homebound can schedule an appointment for an in-home vaccination. You can complete this form for your child and your local health department will reach out to you. 

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