Generally, the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine in kids are mild and similar to what teens and adults experience. 


Common side effects for children 4 years and older include pain, swelling, and redness at injection site, fever, tiredness, headache, chills, muscle or joint pain, or swollen lymph nodes.

Common side effects for children 3 years and younger include pain where the shot was given, swollen lymph nodes, irritability or crying, sleepiness, or loss of appetite.

These side effects tend to be mild, temporary, and similar to those experienced after routine vaccinations.


Ask your child’s healthcare provider for advice on using a non-aspirin pain reliever and other steps you can take at home to comfort your child. It is not recommended you give pain relievers before vaccination for the purpose of trying to prevent side effects.


Learn more about possible vaccine side effects and what to expect after your child gets their shot on the CDC website.


The FDA and the CDC take vaccine safety precautions very seriously. They continue to examine the available clinical trial data before deciding whether to authorize vaccination among different age groups, and monitor the vaccines carefully for any signs of safety issues among the public.