COVID-19 Vaccinations VAMS Support

COVID-19 Vaccinations VAMS Support

Schedule Your COVID-19 Vaccination Appointment in VAMS

What is VAMS?

The Vaccine Administration Management System (VAMS) is an appointment scheduling system provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). VAMS is used by various healthcare providers to assist residents with scheduling their COVID-19 vaccine appointments.

VAMS provides a secure and easy way for COVID-19 vaccine recipients to:

  • Schedule vaccination appointments
  • Create a shared account with up to 10 additional members
  • Receive a record of vaccination
  • Receive appointment reminders for the second dose (if applicable)

To create a registered user account in VAMS, you must use a unique email or cell phone number that is not shared with anyone else. Only registered users will be able to add additional members to their account.

To create a guest registration in VAMS, you can use the same email or cell phone number for multiple guest registrations.

Note: To view pages in Spanish click the icon on the top right corner of the screen. 

Did you know?

Registered VAMS users can add members to their account (shared account) without the need of additional email addresses or cell phone numbers.

  • Up to 10 additional members may be added to an account.
  • VAMS communications for all members of the account will be sent to the preferred method of communication listed for the primary VAMS account holder.

For further information on how to add a member to an existing VAMS account please click on the Step-by-step guide to adding additional users/members to an existing account at the bottom of this page.

Scheduling in VAMS at a Glance


Start Booking Your Vaccine Appointment

Part Two

Search for and schedule an appointment

Click the link below to search for and schedule an appointment

Find Appointment 

Form Icon

From the VAMS homepage, select "Schedule Your First Appointment" and complete the form. Answer the prescreening questions.

Questions with a red asterisk * are mandatory. All information will be secure and stored safely.
Note: Connecticut will be listed as the state where you want to get vaccinated. If needed, you can change the state by using the dropdown menu.

You will be asked "Have you ever received a COVID-19 vaccine?" If you answer yes, you will be asked, "Which vaccine did you receive?" and you will enter your prior vaccination date.
Note: If you have received the Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) COVID-19 vaccine, you do not need to schedule a second appointment, as this only requires one dose to be complete.

Search Icon
Use your address or ZIP Code to search for clinics near you in VAMS.

The system will automatically search for clinics within a 10-mile radius of your ZIP Code. However, you may choose up to 100 miles from the dropdown menu. Choosing a larger search area may result in more clinic locations in your search results. 

Book an appointment
Choose a clinic from clinic results to view available appointments and select your desired appointment time.

You may need to check multiple clinic locations to find an available appointment.

If you do not find a desired appointment time slot in VAMS:

  • Check back regularly - More appointments are added each week into VAMS.
  • Schedule an appointment with a provider that does not use VAMS - Many healthcare providers and pharmacy chains use different scheduling tools ocher than VAMS. Visit the CT COVID-19 Vaccine Finder to locate clinics near you. Click "Schedule on Provider Site" or call to schedule directly with vaccine providers.
  • Visit a walk-up clinic (no appointment needed) - There are now over 50 locations across the State accepting walk-up vaccine appointments.

Enter Guest Registration Information

Note: To prevent duplication of accounts, please use your full name for guest registration. Also, when revisiting VAMS, please enter your full name, date of birth and preferred method of communication that was indicated during guest registration.

Form Icon
  • You will be asked to enter your first name, last name, date of birth and email or cell phone number. If you have not previously registered in VAMS, there will be no search results.
  • Click "Register for Vaccine" and complete the required personal information including demographic information, contact information and communication preferences.
  • In the "Account Information" section, you will have the option to be sent a registration link to create a VAMS account with a password or to continue as a guest and receive communications through your preferred method of contact.
  • You will be sent a verification code to your preferred method of conduct. This code must be entered to complete the scheduling process.
  • Note: VAMS only holds an appointment slot for 20 minutes before requiring you to re-select a time slot.
Part 3

Manage an Existing Appointment or Schedule a Second Appointment

View your appointment details, reschedule your appointment, schedule a second dose appointment, or view your vaccination certificate from VAMS.

  • From the VAMS login page, select "Manage Appointments".
  • You will be asked to enter your first name, last name, date of birth and email or cell phone number.
  • You will be asked to enter a verification code that will be sent to your preferred method of contact.
    Note: VAMS will search for an exact match of your first name, last name, date of birth and the preferred method of communication you indicated during guest registration, If search results state that your information could not be found, then confirm your information entered is correct. Edit information as needed and click continue to begin another search.
  • After entering the verification code, your appointment details will show, You will be able to view your appointment, reschedule your appointment, schedule a second dose appointment, or view your vaccination certificate.

Step-by-step guide to scheduling your appointment and creating an account:
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Step-by-step guide to adding additional users/members to an existing account:
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Watch how to schedule an appointment and create an account:

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