Poll Worker Information and Interest Form

Connecticut election officials depend on reliable, dedicated poll workers to assist voters in making their voice heard at the polls. It takes thousands of poll workers at over 750 locations across the state to make every election run smoothly from the first day of Early Voting through Election Day. This is a great role for individuals who are civic-minded, detail-oriented, patient, and take pride in their work. Thank you for serving your community!

You can be a poll worker in Connecticut if you:

Are a U.S. citizen age 18 and up who is registered to vote in Connecticut or a U.S. citizen age 16 or 17 with residency in the town you are working in and permission to work from a parent or guardian (certain poll worker role restrictions apply);
Are not a candidate for office (except a registrar of voters or municipal clerk, who is a candidate for the same office, performing their official duties);
Are not an immediate family member of a candidate if transporting, preparing, repairing, or maintaining a voting machine;
Are willing to attend mandatory training before each election;
Have reliable transportation to and from training and polling place;
Are comfortable working with a personal computer system.


What does a poll worker do?

Sets up and closes a polling place;
Helps voters understand their rights and the voting process;
Protects ballots and voting equipment.


Why be a poll worker?

Help ensure voting is safe and all eligible votes are counted;
Play a fundamental role in the democratic process;
Get paid to serve your community (amount varies by town).


When does Connecticut need poll workers in 2024?

Presidential Preference Primary Election: 
  In-Person Early Voting: March 26 – 28 and March 30, 2024 
Election Day: April 2, 2024

State Primary Election:
In-Person Early Voting: August 5 – 11, 2024
  Election Day: August 13, 2024

General Election:
  In-Person Early Voting: October 21 – November 3, 2024
  Election Day: November 5, 2024

Poll Worker Training Standards

Conn. Gen. Stat. § 9-192a (2019) requires the Secretary of the State, in consultation with an advisory committee created to establish programs and procedures for training, examining, and certifying registrars of voters, deputy registrars of voters, and assistant registrars of voters, to develop a training program in election procedures for poll workers. All poll workers must complete the appropriate level of training before serving at the polls.


Multilingual Poll Worker Recruitment

In 2023, the Connecticut General Assembly passed Public Act No. 23-204. This act gives the Secretary of the State the ability to designate one or more languages, other than English, for which assistance in voting and elections shall be provided in a town if a significant need exists. In order to make elections accessible for all Connecticut voters, individuals with fluency in languages other than English are strongly encouraged to apply to be poll workers.




If I fill out the interest form, am I obligated to be a poll worker?

No, completing the interest form puts you on a list to be contacted by your registrar of voters (or registrars in neighboring towns, if you express a willingness to travel) to gather more information. If you meet the qualifications, you will need to attend a training session before being assigned a polling location during Early Voting or on Election Day.


Is there training required?

Yes. The length of the training depends on the position, but training for most positions lasts one to two hours. Training for more advanced positions like Assistant Registrar and Moderator typically lasts 3 hours.


How long do I work on an Early Voting day or Election Day?

Election Day shifts are typically a minimum of 15 hours. Some towns may offer the opportunity for a half shift. Early Voting shifts vary depending on the day of the week but will likely range from 9 to 13 hours.

How much will I be paid?

Pay varies by town, but typically ranges from $12 - $18 per hour.


Poll Worker Interest Form

Please complete the Poll Worker Interest Form below, or click this link to be directed to the Poll Worker Interest Form, and you will be contacted with additional information. Thank you!