December 2nd, 2021 Minutes Policy Committee

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SOCIAL EQUITY COUNCIL | Policy Committee Minutes


December 2, 2021
Special Meeting of the Policy Committee of the Social Equity Council
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Location: Microsoft TEAMS

This was a public meeting. This meeting was rescheduled from November 24, 2021


Agenda with Meeting Materials


Chair: Edwin Shirley
Members: Subira Gordon, Michael Jefferson, Ojala Naeem, Ed Shirley, Joe Williams



Meeting was called to order by Ginne-Rae Clay who will be chairing the meeting on behalf of Ed Shirley at 11:07AM


Ginne-Rae Clay requested Sharon Hamilton do Roll Call:


Members Present:

  • Michael Jefferson – Present
  • Ojala Naeem  - Present
  • Joe Williams -  Present
  • Subira Gordon – Present

Members Absent:

  • Ed Shirley - Absent


Noting a quorum Ginne-Rae as for a motion to accept the Minutes from October meeting


Motion - Michael Jefferson

2nd - Joseph Williams

All In Favor  -  Jefferson, Williams, Naeem, Gordon

Nays: -  None

Abstentions -  None


Ginne-Rae asked the committee if there were any comments, suggestion or concern with regard to the draft Social Equity Plan Criteria.


A discussion Ensued.  The committee members expressed concerns about the amount of information the public has received to date regarding the lottery, application, criteria and requirements.  All members are in agreement with the information be requested as part of requirements and criteria however, the committee wants to understand the outreach plan that will be used to forward information to the public.


Interim ED Clay stated that she and her staff are planning a series of outreach sessions including a day long Cannabis Conversation – this daylong session will bring resources, regulator and advocate of small business  for a day long information session on all this cannabis in CT, Information Checklist and working with DCP to ensure the application is clear and includes additional information that provide clarity to the application process.  


Motion to approve the Social Equity Plan criteria as proposed with the addition of a document that addresses the concerns of the Policy Committee around technical assistance, clarity, and definition of each section of the criteria and understanding of outreach to the communities on the process.


Motion - Joseph Williams

2nd - Michael Jefferson

All In Favor – Williams, Jefferson, Naeem, Gordon

Nays -  None

Abstentions -  None


Director Clay Noted Ownership & Control Criteria was previously voted on at the October committee meeting  and will be moved to Full Council


Director Clay also stated apologies and reminded the public in attendance that committee meetings do not have public comment or participation.  Public comment is reserved for full council meetings.  Director Clay invited the public to speak at the next full meeting of the SEC Council on December 7th , 10 am @ the Legislative Office Building (LOB)


Ginne-Rae Clay asked for a motion for adjournment

Motion – Williams

2nd -  Jefferson

All In Favor – Jefferson, Williams, Naeem, Gordon

Meeting Adjourned at 12:06PM


The SEC Policy Committee meets the 3rd Thursday of each month @ 10 am.


Note:  Minutes are a Draft until approved at a subsequent meeting

Meeting Minutes