About the Council

Council Members

The Social Equity Council, as dictated by the adult-use cannabis law, Public Act 21-1, consists of 15 members, seven (7) of whom are appointed by legislators, four (4) of whom are appointed by the governor, and four (4) of whom are state agency members.

Kyle Abercrombie

Department of Economic and Community Development designee 

Kevin E. Walton, Sr.

Governor’s Appointee 

Kelli Vallieres, Ph.D.

Governor’s Appointee

Daniel Karpowitz

Office of Policy & Management designee

Andrea Comer, Chair

Office of the State Treasurer designee

Shirley Skyers-Thomas

Department of Consumer Protection designee

Subira Gordon

Speaker of the House Appointee

Michael A. Jefferson, Esq

Senate President Appointee

Edwin Shirley

Senate Majority Leader Appointee

Corrie Betts

House Minority Leader Appointee  

Avery Gaddis

Senate Minority Leader Appointee 

Ojala Naeem

House Majority Leader Appointee

Melvin Medina

Black and Puerto Rican Caucus (BPRC) Chair Appointee

Andrea K Hawkins

Office of the Governor Appointee

Vacant Seat

Office of the Governor Appointee

Staff Directory

Ginne-Rae Clay

Executive Director

Karen Colebut

Paralegal Specialist

Kristina Diamond

Communications & Legislative Program Manager

Jennifer Edwards

Program Manager

Arlene Galindo-Jimenez

Outreach Program Manager

Vera Lembrick

Reinvestment Program Manager

Ana Rosa

Administrative Assistant

Jennifer Stevens

Associate Accountant

News & Announcements

8/1/2023 - The Social Equity Council voted today to recertify the DIA Map by approving the 2023 recommended disproportionately impacted areas. >