April 21 2022 Minutes Policy Committee

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April 21, 2022
Policy Committee of the Social Equity Council
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

This is a public meeting. 

Location: Microsoft TEAMS, see link below. 

Chair: Edwin Shirley
Members: Subira Gordon, Michael Jefferson, Ojala Naeem, Ed Shirley, Kevin Walton




Members Present: Edwin Shirley, Kevin Walton, Michael Jefferson, Andrea Comer, Subira Gordon

Members Absent: Ojala Naeem,

Staff:  Ginne-Rae Clay (SEC), Komla Matrevi (SEC) Jennifer Edwards (SEC)


Meeting Called to Order by Chairman Shirley @ 10:04AM


Review of March 17, 2022, meeting minutes


Chairman Shirley - Motion to Approve Minutes

Andrea Comer - Motion to approve minutes

Michael A. Jefferson - second

Abstentions - Subira Gordon


Chairman Shirley – Next item on the agenda is the definition of ownership and control


Discussion ensued


Chairman Shirley – Next item SEC reconsideration of the vote to remove the tax return requirement for backers


Discussion ensued


Michael Jefferson - called for a motion to bring the reconsideration vote before the full council

Andrea Comer – second


Discussion Ensued


Chairman Shirley - motion to adjourn

Andrea Comer – So moved

Michael Jefferson – So move second.


Meeting Adjourned -

Minutes are a Draft Until Approved at a Subsequent Mtg.

Next Meeting 5/19/22

Meeting Minutes