Property Tax

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  • Mill Rates

    A mill rate is the rate that's used to calculate your property tax. To calculate the property tax, multiply the assessment of the property by the mill rate and divide by 1,000. There are different mill rates for different towns and cities.

    Agency: Office of Policy and Management
  • Real and Personal Property Tax Inquiries

    While people with general questions about the state's property taxes can contact the Office of Policy and Management, any inquiries about a tax bill or mill rate on real property, such as a home, or personal property, like a motor vehicle should go to the tax collector in the town in which the property is located.

    Agency: Department of Revenue Services
  • Veterans Exemption Tax Relief Program

    State law provides a basic $1,000 property tax exemption for certain honorably discharged Veterans who actively served at least 90 days during war time or their survivors. State law also provides an additional exemption for veterans and disabled veterans who are eligible for the basic exemption and who can meet certain income limits. Eligibility and key dates are discussed.

    Agency: Office of Policy and Management