TEAM - Module 2


Module 2 of TEAM is aligned with domain 3 of the Common Core of Teaching (CCT) - Planning for Active Learning.

To complete this module, teachers need to plan instruction in order to engage students in rigorous and relevant learning and to promote their curiosity about the world at large.

The following indicators are observed in reviewing this module:

  1. Determining students’ prior knowledge to ensure that content instruction is at an appropriate level of challenge and differentiated to meet their learning needs;
  2. Developing and organizing coherent and relevant units, lessons and learning tasks that build on students’ prior knowledge, skills and interests and engage students in the work of the discipline;
  3. Promoting the development and application of skills with conceptual understanding, and anticipating students’ content misconceptions;
  4. Selecting appropriate assessment strategies to monitor ongoing student progress;
  5. Selecting or designing instructional strategies, resources and flexible groupings that provide opportunity for students to think critically and creatively, and solve problems;
  6. Integrating learning activities that make real-world, career or global connections, and promote interdisciplinary connections whenever possible;
  7. Designing or selecting academic and/or behavioral interventions through differentiated, supplemental, specialized instruction for students who do not respond to primary instruction alone;
  8. Designing strategic questions and opportunities that appropriately challenge students and actively engage them in exploring the content through strategies such as discourse and/or inquiry-based learning ; and
  9. Including strategies for teaching and supporting content area literacy skills and, when appropriate, numeracy skills.