Resources for Increasing Educator Diversity Plan Creation and Implementation


Increasing Educator Diversity Plan - FAQs

Increasing Educator Diversity Plan Template - You must use the fillable Increasing Educator Diversity Plan Template, below, to create and submit your increasing educator diversity plan. 

IED Toolkit Appendix

EdSight Educator Diversity Dashboard – To analyze and visualize data regarding the employment (past and present) of educators of color for all districts and the state as a whole.

EdSight Secure: Educator Diversity Report – The CSDE created the Educator Diversity Report to assist users in visualizing educator diversity among school districts. The report provides a look at the percentage of nonwhite educators in a district and the state as well as the percentage of nonwhite students and provides a comparison of the two metrics. Districts with fewer than 20 total students are excluded from the report. All data are as of October 1 of the school year.