Easing into Secondary Transition: A Comprehensive Guide to Resources and Services in Connecticut


  • 1. What is a regional educational service center (RESC)?

    Every school district in Connecticut benefits from services provided by Regional Educational Service Centers (RESCs). Through RESCs, school districts and the communities that surround them have access to high quality, cost-effective collaborative programs and initiatives.

    Several RESCs run schools and programs, including magnet schools and schools for students with learning and developmental disabilities.

    All RESCs support the instructional and operational components of Connecticut school districts. RESCs design and deliver community-based education, professional and curriculum development, strategic planning and human service programs.  These RESC services and programs add to the economic well-being and quality of educational life throughout the state.

    Map of RESC coverage areas

  • 2. What if the agencies in my area do not offer a particular training or service?
    Answer: Contact the person at the agency and see if they can provide the same or similar service. The more calls they receive about a particular training or service, the more likely they might be able to provide it.
  • 3. May I attend a training that is offered by an agency in another part of the state?
    Answer: Attendance at RESC events is determined on the local level. Certainly call or e-mail the agency contact person and inquire if anyone is able to participate in the specific training or event.