Connecticut IEP Manual

Section 8: Indirect Services

Federal law requires the IEP to include supports that staff will need in order to implement the IEP. Typically, these supports, or indirect services, are in the form of specific teacher training, paraprofessional support for the classroom teacher, consultation by a special education teacher or related services provider, and specific training for parents.

Each Indirect Service included in the IEP will list the type of service, the associated annual goal(s) if any, the frequency and duration of the support/service, the person responsible for ensuring the service is provided, and the start and end dates.

The following are examples of supports that might be recommended by the PPT and specified in the IEP as an Indirect Service:

  1. Staff training in the area of Autism provided by the BCBA for 30 minutes in each of the first two weeks of the school year.
  2. Paraprofessional support to assist the student’s language arts teacher with the implementation of the student’s IEP.
  3. The school psychologist will collaborate with student’s teachers for 20 minutes per week for the first six weeks of school to cooperatively plan activities, which will encourage the child to establish and maintain friendships with classmates.
  4. Training in the use of text to speech and word prediction software for the student’s parent and all staff who either require the student to complete written assignments or provide the student with support during the completion of written assignments.