Programs, Services and Fiscal

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  • Approved Private Special Education Programs

    Special education programs in private facilities with Connecticut State Board of Education approval as private special education programs, including private day and residential schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and treatment centers.

  • Assistive Technology Resource Guide

    The purpose of this guide is to inform educators, instructional staff, parents, and students about available resources that may be utilized to ensure that educational outcomes are realized for all students. Assistive technology is a support that is considered for many students.

  • Early Childhood Special Education

    In Connecticut, special education and related services are available to eligible children by age 3 and are provided by local and regional school districts.

  • Least Restrictive Environment

    LRE tools and information. Also includes PJ Settlement Agreement archives.

  • National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS) and National Instructional Materials Access Center (NIMAC)

    Information and resources on obtaining acccessible instructional materials.

  • School Psychology

    Includes publications, resources and professional organizations for School Psychology.

  • Secondary Transition - Planning from School to Adult Life

    This page contains information and resources to assist in Secondary Transition Planning, including age appropriate assessments, Postsecondary Outcome Goals Statements and Annual IEP Transition Goals/Objectives, Summary of Performance (SOP), Transition Resources and Services in CT, including other State Agencies and CT Transition Programs Offering Transition-Only Services for Students with Disabilities (18-21), as well as resources and tools related to IDEA Indicators 1: Graduation, 2: Dropout, 13: Secondary Transition, and 14: Post-School Outcomes.

  • Special Education Fiscal, RFPs and Grants

    Includes resources for the IDEA Part B grant and other grants, SPDG, and other cost-related information.

  • Surrogate Parent Program

    The Surrogate Parent Program is a federally mandated program that provides educational advocacy services for children and youth under the jurisdiction of the Department of Children and Families (DCF) (foster children) or an unaccompanied minor or homeless youth, who need or may need special education.