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    AENGLC, more specifically AENGLC rank, is used in determining the state support percentages for reimbursement under adult education, school construction, pupil transportation and health services.

  • Connecticut Public School Expenditures Report

    The State Department of Education’s annual publication of local school district expenditures and related data.

  • Data Collection Forms and Instructions

    This section has forms and instructions pertaining to online data collection applications pertaining to the Bureau of Fiscal Services.

  • Education Cost Sharing (ECS) Town Wealth

    Pursuant to Section 10-262f (26) of the Connecticut General Statutes, ECS Town Wealth is determined based on a town's property tax base and the income of its residents.

  • Education Cost Sharing Grant (ECS)/MBR

    The Education Cost Sharing (ECS) grant has been in existence since 1989-90. It continues to be Connecticut's primary education equalization aid program and accounts for well over 50 percent of the total state contribution to public elementary and secondary education.

  • Education Financial System (EFS)

    The Education Financial System (EFS) is a financial reporting system used by school districts, including local and regional boards of education, charter schools and regional educational service centers.

  • Fiscal Services

    Bureau of Fiscal Services Home page

  • Grant Calculations, Reports and Analyses

    This section has reports and analysis covering ECS/MBR, Enrollment Reports, Expenditure Data and Reports, Grant Calculations and Payments, Special Education and Wealth Measures and State Support Percentages.

  • Grant Payments/Procedures

    Information pertaining to grant payments and details going back to 2004.

  • Indirect Cost Proposals

    Applications for grants usually involve a request for reimbursement of both direct and indirect costs. Circular A-87 contains provisions for determining indirect cost rates for grantees and subgrantees of federal grants.

  • Net Current Expenditures per Pupil used for Excess Cost Grant Basic Contributions

    The NCEP application provides the latest net current expenditures (NCE), average daily membership (ADM), net current expenditures per pupil (NCEP) and the Special Education Excess Cost grant basic contributions.

  • Request for Proposals

    View a listing of Request for Proposals from 2008 to current year.

  • School Improvement Grants

    School Improvement Grants

  • Special Education

    The Special Education Excess Cost Data Collection system is used to collect LEA Excess Cost and State Agency Placement Grant data from school districts.

  • Student Counts

    Analysis of pupil data to make adjustments for a variety of things including, but not limited to, grades, schools, and duplicate entries.