Ivory and Company Towns

How To

Classroom Setup

Teachers will have students work in groups of three to four. Student will need access to the internet and large poster paper. In addition, students will be taking notes and writing reflections in their journals.


Part 1: Have students in groups brainstorm answers to the following prompt and record on poster paper to share with the class:

  • What are the elements (geographical, social and economic) that are necessary for success in an industrial economy?

Consider prior class discussions about the emerging industrial economy of the late 19th century. Possible answers could include but are not limited to:

  • Transportation Networks
  • Natural Resources
  • Innovative Individuals
  • Capital

Part 2: Now have students review Documents 1-11. Students should record their answers on anchor charts to share with the class.

  • What elements contribute to the industrial success of Deep River and Ivoryton in the late 19th, early 20th century? 

Part 3: Ivoryton as a Company Town

Have students review Documents 1-12. Consider the following prompt and record their answers for discussion in anchor charts:

  • What were the benefits to workers of living and working in Ivoryton? Explain.
  • Were there any disadvantages?
  • Why do you think the owners of the Company provided housing and other amenities for their workers?