A Land of Opportunity

What's Next

Informed Action

Have students review the following sources about women as CEO's today:

Female CEOs are at record level in 2016, but it's still only 5% (CNN)

Female Fortune 500 CEOs Are Poised to Break This Record in 2017 (Fortune)

Female CEOs are still extremely rare in the US and Europe (CNBC)

Still missing: Female business leaders (CNN)

  • What are the obstacles for women in leadership positions in business today?
  • What changes in the culture today may help bring more women into leadership positions in business?

Then have students read this article on entrepreneurship today.

In addition, have students listen to this podcast about crowdsourcing startup businesses:

Students in groups of three or four then consider areas of the economy today that they could target if they were to create a startup.

  • What kind of a business would you create?
  • How would you attract customers?
  • What kinds of workers would you need? How would you promote diversity in your workforce?
  • What innovation would you incorporate into the business?
  • Who would help to fund your startup?

Design a pitch for your business to share with the class. The presentation should be no more than 3 minutes and can include visuals.