About the Collection: PSIS

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The Connecticut State Department of Education uses the Public School Information System (PSIS) to collect data regarding student enrollment throughout the state of Connecticut. These data are used for federal and state grants; PSIS data also connect to other CSDE data collection systems.  


Important Dates*:
 Collection  Freeze Cycle  Submission Due Date (TIMELY)  Final Revision Date (ACCURATE)   Freeze Dates
Case Management  N/A  Cases Resolved within 10 school days No open cases more than 20 school days old N/A
PSIS Summer Roll Up & June Graduate Exits  N/A  N/A  8/1/24  N/A
 Monthly Student Attendance  N/A  10th of every month  N/A  N/A
 October 2023 - F0  Freeze 0  10/30/23  1/8/24  11/1/23
 October 2023 - F1  Freeze 1   N/A   N/A  1/31/24
 October 2023 - F2  Freeze 2   N/A   N/A  1/31/25
 PSIS Registration Testing Accountability Freeze   N/A   N/A  TBD
 June 2024  Freeze 1  7/1/24  7/19/24  7/29/24

    * Should the Timely and Accurate Due Dates fall on a weekend or holiday, and the district is unable to submit the file on those dates, it is assumed that the data are due to the  CSDE on the business day prior to the listed due date. 


Collection Freeze Dates: Districts are required to submit student-level data for the October, and June collections. The Freeze Date (F1) will be used for mandated Federal, State and public reporting while the Freeze Date (F2) will serve as the last possible date for corrections to that collection. It should be noted that additional internal freeze dates (F0) of the October collection will be used for various internal reporting and grant calculation purposes. Districts should work diligently to submit accurate data and make all corrections prior to the applicable freeze dates. After the ‘freeze date’ has passed, changes to data will not be permitted. PSIS data is frequently used for public analysis, reporting and publishing; in cases where a district provides incorrect data in a collection submission and the data is not corrected prior to the applicable freeze date, it will be reported as is. LEAs are strongly encouraged to ensure they have provided accurate data to CSDE prior to certifying the active collection. Please contact the appropriate collection manager with questions.