About the Collection: ED205 - Title I Evaluation ReportĀ 

The purpose of the ED205: Title I Evaluation Report is to provide information from the Title I Part A recipients who report data on student and staff participation. This form collects data on the prior school year. Only districts that receive Title I funds are required to complete this form.  CSDE Application Managers coordinate the input of this data via e-mail.

Important Dates*:
Collection  Open Date Submission Due Date
Final Revision Date
Freeze Dates
2021-2022  9/10/2021 10/15/2021
10/20/2021 N/A

   * Should the Timely and Accurate Due Dates fall on a weekend or holiday, and the district is unable to submit the file on those dates, it is assumed that the data are due to the  CSDE on the business day prior to the listed due date.