Connecticut COVID-19 Education Research Collaborative (CCERC)


  • What is CCERC?

    A collaboration of researchers from universities across Connecticut that:

    • conducts evaluation studies of COVID-19 related projects funded through the Connecticut State Department of Education; and/or
    • conducts research studies on areas of import as may emerge due to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • How is the CCERC organized?
    • CSDE sets the agenda, identifies projects, provides funding
    • Funding flows through UConn
    • Co-leads for the project are Ajit Gopalakrishnan (CSDE) and Morgaen Donaldson (UCONN)
    • The co-leads are guided by a Steering Committee
    • Project PIs will come from a range of Connecticut's higher ed institutions
    • Project research teams will also be cross-institutional where possible

  • How can researchers get involved?
    • Get on the CCERC mailing list by emailing Dr. Morgaen Donaldson 
    • Participate in CCERC convenings
    • Express interest when a call for proposals is circulated
    • Select your desired level of involvement for each project (e.g., PI, Co-Researcher, Advisor)
    • If selected to lead the work, promptly submit brief proposal
  • Who are the members of the Steering Committee?
    • Dr. Eric Loken, University of Connecticut
    • Dr. Betsy McCoach, University of Connecticut
    • Dr. Kayon Morgan, University of Hartford
    • Dr. Kari Sassu, Southern Connecticut State University
    • Dr. Michael Strambler, Yale University
    • Dr. Tricia Stewart, Western Connecticut State University
    • Dr. Wesley Younts, University of Hartford
  • What are the priorities for projects funded by the CSDE?

    The current priorities are listed below and described in Connecticut’s State Plan for the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER)

    • Learning Acceleration, Academic Renewal, and Student Enrichment
    • Family and Community Connections
    • Social, Emotional, and Mental Health of Students and of Our School Staff
    • Strategic Use of Technology, Staff Development, and the Digital Divide
    • Building Safe and Healthy Schools
  • What are the steps for getting to work on an evaluation project?
    1. Evaluation topic established by CSDE
    2. Call for proposal distributed
    3. Researchers express interest and send CVs
    4. Steering Committee selects research team
    5. Research team submits brief design proposal
    6. Steering Committee reviews proposal and provides feedback
    7. Once modifications are made, study is approved
  • What considerations will drive the selection and establishment of research teams?
    • Expertise in topic area
    • Scope/scale of research
    • Cross-institutional as much as possible
    • PIs from different participating institutions across the life of CCERC
    • Opportunity for researchers to engage in at least one project