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Jule McCombes-Tolis, Ph.D.
Bureau Chief, Office of Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities

Kristin Allen
Associate Education Consultant

  • General Inquiries, Feedback, and Requests: Families, Students, General Public
  • SERC, RESC Alliance, and CPAC Professional Learning Offerings
  • Family Engagement and Relationships

Lisa Gianni
Associate Education Consultant

  • General Inquiries, Feedback, and Requests: PK-12 Education Professionals
  • Educator Competency Targets
  • Certification Eligibility Verification Process
  • Educator Professional Development: Model Programs for District Use

Athena McAlenney, Ph.D.
Associate Education Consultant

  • General Inquiries, Feedback, and Requests:  Educator Preparation Programs
  • Educator Preparation Program Audit Process
  • Educator Preparation Program Faculty Development and Support
  • Instructional Resources for Educator Preparation Program Use