Early Reading Resources


Suggested Resources For Further Reading

  • Adams, Marilyn Jager, Foorman, Barbara K., Phonemic Awareness in Young Children, Brooks Publishing Co., Baltimore, Maryland, 1998.
    This book focuses on phonemic awareness activities for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade children. It follows a developmental sequence and includes lesson plans and assessment activities.

  • Blachman, Benita A., ...et al., Road to the Code, Paul H. Brooks Publishing Co., Baltimore, Maryland, 2000.
    This book outlines a phonological awareness program for young children It is a developmentally sequenced 11 week program designed to give students repeated opportunities to practice their beginning reading and spelling abilities.

  • Blevins, Wiley, Phonics A to Z, Scholastic Professional Books, New York, New York, 1998.
    As the title suggests, this book contains practical lessons and strategies for teachers as well as developing a background in phonics.

  • Catts, Hugh and Olsen, Tina, Sounds Abound, LinguiSystems, Inc., East Moline, Il., 1993.
    This is a complete volume of activities to help young children become aware of the speech sounds in words and how the alphabet represents these sounds. It is divided into six parts; 1. speech sound awareness, 2. rhyme, 3. beginning and ending sounds,4. segmenting and blending, 5.putting sounds together with words, 6. Pre-tests and Post-tests.

  • Cheyney, Wendy and Cohen, E. Judith, Focus On Phonics, Wright Group Publishing, Bothell, Washington, 1999.
    This book contains a balanced, integrated model for explicit and systematic teaching of phonics. It focuses on the essential elements of phonological awareness, print awareness, synthetic and analytic phonics and structure analysis.

  • Consortium on Reading Excellence, Inc., Assessing Reading: Multiple Measures for Kindergarten through Eighth Grade, Arena Press, Novato, California, 1999.
    Formal and informal assessment tools for students in kindergarten through eighth grade are contained in this book.