Connecticut Core Standards

Implementing UDL

Planning for Implementation

Curriculum Development

  • Universal Design for Learning Guidelines Graphic (  
  • Universal Design for Learning DIY Template (   
  • UDL Instructional Units - NCSC has developed a set of Instructional Units to serve as examples of curriculum that utilizes multiple means of presentation and allows the learner to work and respond in a format that meets their needs for learning and expression. Each unit is made up of several lessons and a culminating activity, all of which provide examples for meeting the unique needs of students with significant cognitive disabilities. (
  • Two Teachers in the Room/Universal Design for Learning—A MiddleWeb Blog by Elizabeth Stein (  
  • Special Needs: 6 Ways to Engage Every Learner Using UDL—This article in "The Journal—Transforming Education through Technology"(June 13, 2014) by Stephen Noonoo describes how Universal Design for Learning can make lessons more accessible and lesson-planning more fun. (
  • Designing Lessons for Unique LearnersThis blog by Katie Novak for The Teaching Channel showcases how UDL is helpful in blending knowledge of subject matter, child development, and individual students to plan and create a lesson that is accessible to all learners. Supporting materials and a link to a sample of the UDL-designed plan used for a Teaching Channel video on Beowulf are provided. 
  • “Building Better Curriculum through Universal Design for Learning”—In the January 13, 2015 Symposium on Scholarly Inquiry into Teaching and Learning Practice, Dr. Maureen Wideman presented a case study that explored the application of UDL on a technology-enhanced health sciences program.

Classroom Videos that Link UDL to Common Core