Guidance on Social and Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) 101: Initial steps to building a solid foundation for SEL

These are unprecedented times, and it’s hard to gauge the psychological and physical impact on students, families, and staff, especially when it comes to societal disparities. Students learn best through relationships that make them feel safe and nurtured and support positive psycho-social behavioral outcomes. Prioritizing supports for students’ social-emotional, behavioral, and mental health needs is vital for the return to school amidst COVID-19.

This webinar will provide an overview of SEL and the initial steps on how to build a solid foundation for SEL. Whether you are just beginning or seeking to scale up implementation, building systemic supports for SEL will help expand your impact.

Additionally, the webinar will walk you through Connecticut’s definition and framework for Family Engagement on how to engage families in SEL and create a strong partnership with families on goals and ongoing supports for their children.


  • What is SEL?
  • Why SEL is essential, especially during this time.
  • How to start building an equitable foundation, systemically, for SEL or scale-up implementation.
  • How to engage families in SEL and types of high-impact practices that make a difference.
  • Provide national resources and tools and evidence-based practices.
  • Discuss UCLA COVID-19 Youth PTSD Assessment and the SHAPE Assessment.

Presenters: Judy Carson, Ph.D.; Scott Newgass, LCSW; and Kimberly Traverso, LPC