Guidance on Social and Emotional Learning

Self-Care for School-Based Mental Health Providers (MHP) During COVID-19

This panel presentation will include CSDE personnel along with colleagues who are Mental Health Professionals in Connecticut school districts. It is designed to support the well-being of school-based MHP as they continue to provide essential supports and services to our students each day.

As school-based MHP, you may need a reminder that practicing selfcare is essential to your well-being, during times of uncertainty and transition. This webinar will share ideas on practicing self-care and taking the time to care for yourself so you are better able to support the needs of students/families and the school community.

Presenters: Jocelyn Mackey, Ph.D.; Eric Elias, Meriden Public Schools; Sandra Heller, Platt Technical High School; Eileen Melody, Mansfield Public Schools