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These webinars provide districts important information pertaining to the incorporation of the Connecticut Arts Standards and the work of the model districts.  The intent of this webinar series is to provide a dynamic professional learning experience.  Activities have been woven into the webinars to provide participants with meaningful learning experiences.   

Teaching to the Connecticut Arts Standards: Webinar One


Webinar One materials


Teaching to the Connecticut Arts Standards: Webinar Two

Download the presentation: Unwrapping the Connecticut Arts Standards - Linking the Standards to Practice

As a result of webinar two, participants will:

  • Become familiar with the new Connecticut Arts Standards and their implications for instructional shifts and change.
  • Follow the Model District process to identify the unit to be developed and write a brief description.
  • Select standards that specifically address the unit. 
  • Begin to develop a Model Instructional Unit using Connecticut Arts Standards Model District Templates.


Teaching to the Connecticut Arts Standards: Webinar Three

Download the presentation


Linking the Connecticut Arts Standards to Practice (Webinar 4) 


As a result of webinar four, you will:

  1. Review the work accomplished previously in this Webinar series.
  2. Analyze the unit purpose and alignment to district scope and sequence of student learning objectives.
  3. Complete summative assessment and student scoring rubrics.


The following six-part webinar series was created during the 2016-17 school year in partnership with Connecticut Music Educators Association (CMEA) to support districts and arts providers in better understanding and utilizing the newly adopted Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) National Core Arts Standards (Arts Standards).

Webinar 1: NCAS Standards in All 5 Arts: Understanding the Whats and Whys (All Grade Levels)
Scott Shuler, co-chair of the National Music Standards Writing Team and retired CSDE Arts Consultant, offers information about the new arts standards and their impact on curricula and instruction.



Webinar 2: STEAM – Creative Art Maker Stations (Grades 6-12)
Laurel Archambault, Henry James Memorial (Middle) School Teacher, Simsbury Public Schools, presents an overview of planning and implementing stations in the art room that connect to the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM). See photos and videos of middle school students engaged in STEAM activities and the visual arts standards.


Webinar 3: Responding in the General and Ensemble Classroom (Elementary)
Kim Yannon, General Music Teacher, Cheshire Public Schools, uses the new music standards to demonstrate how to engage elementary music students in the artistic process of responding.



Webinar 4: Design Thinking for Digital Arts (Grades 7-12)
Matthew Worwood, University of Connecticut Digital Media and Design, offers a general overview to Design Thinking and ways educators can engage students in a design thinking process.


Webinar 5: Weaving Knowledge and Skills through the Music Standards (All Levels)
Rich Wells, Co-chair of the National Music Standards Writing Team and retired Music and Performing Director, Simsbury Public Schools, provides an overview of the music standards, strategies for applying the new standards to new or existing curricula, and effective instructional approaches to assist students in retaining and transferring knowledge and skills within and across processes.


Webinar 6: Old to New - Aligning a Digital Portrait Unit (Grades 9-12)
Eileen McVicar-Schnyder, Art Program Coordinator, Rocky Hill High School, assists educators in realigning their assessments and showcases an introductory digital design unit for students in grades 9-12. This unit, “The Music of My Life”, asks students to choose their favorite type of music, identify how it makes them feel, and translate into a self-portrait.


CSDE National Core Arts Standards Webinar Series Where Do I Start?
Join Arts Education Consultant Jackie Coleman as she takes you through the new NCAS Standards in the first in our series of webinars.



In the Music Classroom
Join Music Teachers Caroline Golschneider and Margaret Fitzgerald as they take a closer look at the shifts in practice that NCAS will bring to the music classroom.



NCAS in the Visual Arts Classroom
Join art educators Jill Goldberg and Julie Sawyer as they examine NCAS through instruction and assessment in the visual arts classroom.