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Alliance District Approved Plans

Final and approved Alliance District Plans from 2018-19 through 2020-21 can be accessed on the eGMS website.  Please follow the instructions below to view these plans: Step 1:  Click on the eGMS home page: From the menu, click on Search and choose Grants. Step 2:  From the Drop Down menu, choose the year you would like to view (Applications are identified by end of year date, i.e., 2018-19 is 2019).

Step 3:  Choose Alliance and Priority School District Grants, and click Search.

Step 4:  The system will list all of the Alliance District and Priority School District approved plans for that school year.

Approved Alliance District Plans from 2013 through 2018 can be found below. 

2013–2014 Plans  |   2014–2015 Plans  |   2015–2016 Plans  |   2016–2017 Plans  |   2017-2018 Plans