Vendor and Citizen Advisory Panel

On January 1, 2009, Section 4e-9 of the Connecticut General Statutes becomes effective. It provides for a panel which makes recommendations to the board regarding best practices in state procurement processes and project management as well as other issues pertaining to stakeholders in the system.

The Vendor and Citizen Advisory Panel comprised of fifteen members appointed as follows: Three members by the Governor, two members by each of the following: The speaker of the House of Representatives, the majority and minority leaders of the House of Representatives, the president pro tempore of the Senate and the majority and minority leaders of the Senate. No more than six vendors with state procurement experience shall be on the panel and the remaining members shall have demonstrated sufficient knowledge by education, training or experience in one or more of the following areas:
    • Government procurement
    • Contract negotiation, drafting and management
    • Contract risk assessment
    • Preparing requests for proposals, invitations to bid and other procurement solicitations
    • Evaluating proposals, bids and quotations
    • Real property transactions
    • Business insurance and bonding
    • The state code of ethics
    • Federal and state statutes, policies and regulations
    • Outsourcing and privatization proposal analysis
    • Governmental taxation and finance
    • Small and minority business enterprise development
    • Collective bargaining
    • Human services
provided such education, training or experience shall have been acquired over not less than a continuous five-year period and within the ten-year period preceding such appointment. The chairperson of the panel shall be the Chief Procurement Officer, who shall be an ex-officio member.

If you are interested in serving on the Vendor and Citizens panel, please write to:

State Contracting Standards Board
165 Capitol Avenue, Suite 1060
Hartford, CT 060106