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Trial Program

Why just interview an applicant when you can see them perform the job?!

  • A business can “try out” the job seeker for a no cost trial before making an official employment offer.
  • The employer pays nothing out of pocket and decides the schedule and job tasks.
  • Our agency will handle all the payroll functions for the duration of the trial through our fiduciary vendor (wages and workers compensation).
  • If the job seeker has performed well, the employer may hire them for the position at the end of the trial.

How it works:

  • The business works with their Business Services Contact to outline the specifics of the agreement:
    • Job title
    • Training objectives / Job description
    • Duration
    • Responsibilities of each party
  • The Business Services Contact is available throughout the process to provide guidance and consultation.
  • The business provides feedback at the conclusion of the work trial and discusses next steps.

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