The Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS) helps to enable individuals with significant disabilities to work competitively and live independently through the Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) program.

Every state has a Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) program, funded by Federal and State dollars. Through the program, BRS works with eligible applicants to develop an individualized plan and provides a wide array of services including vocational and benefits counseling, job search assistance as well as training or education to help the individual get, keep or advance at a job.

BRS specializes in working with people with disabilities to prepare, find and grow in a job. If eligible for services, you will work 1 on 1 with a counselor to set up your path towards a job and/or a career. Our counselors are trained to understand how your disability impacts your ability to get and keep a job and they can coordinate services to help you achieve your goals.

We partner with small and large companies, with a variety of job opportunities at all different skill levels. Everyone that works with BRS has a unique and individualized plan for employment and we can explore helping you get the job of your dreams.

People who have physical and/or mental conditions that causes a substantial impact on their ability to enter or maintain employment and who can benefit from VR services to achieve employment and maximize career goals. The VR program serves persons with all disabilities except legal blindness, who are served by another division of ADS called the Bureau of Education and Services for the Blind (BESB).

Working with BRS is free. We always explore free or other resources that support you in your work journey, payment is not required for services.

Yes, if you’re eligible for services and you and your BRS counselor agree it is needed as part of your employment plan. Sometimes training could mean college, trade school, apprenticeship programs, or on-the-job training opportunities!

BRS has a team of counselors called Community Work Incentive Coordinators who can help you understand myths, facts and any changes to your benefits once you return to work. We also offer services through the Social Security Ticket to Work Program to help you try work and to receive services through an Employment Network if needed, after your services with BRS end.

Sometimes we can provide transportation when it is paired with another service, we are providing to you. In general, transportation to and from work is your responsibility.

No. Our VR Counselors are trained specialists that help you overcome disability related barriers to employment. Our VR Counselors often know about other resources in the community and may refer you for help with these matters.

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