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A career with life changing impact. Welcome to the State of Connecticut, Department of Aging and Disability Services, Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS). At BRS, we help individuals with disabilities prepare for, find and advance in a job, and make a difference in their lives and future outlook.
If you have a passion for creating more diverse workforces and making an impact on the lives of people with disabilities, this may be the right place for you.
We are continually seeking candidates to fulfill positions at various levels related to Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling including VR Counselors and Rehabilitation Counselors for the Deaf (RCDs), Interns and VR Candidates. BRS offers a competitive salary and state of Connecticut benefits.

Join our team and see what impact YOU can make.

Hear what other counselors have to say

Hear directly from some of our counselors about why a career in Vocational Counseling is so rewarding.  The difference we make in the lives of the individuals we meet and interact with is what makes a job at BRS meaningful.  


About Vocational Rehab Counselors and RCDs

Depending on the role, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors are responsible for vocational counseling services to individuals with disabilities, youth, or adults.  An RCD, Rehabilitation Counselor for the Deaf, focuses on assisting Deaf individuals.  As a Counselor you will work one on one with your job seeker to assess their needs and help provide support for them to achieve their job goals.  Together you will develop an individualized plan to help them meet those goals.  A plan may include assistance with writing a resume or improving interview skills to land a job.  It may include education to gain the required skills or on-the-job support to help them do their tasks successfully.  You can also explore the Workforce counselor role which focuses on building relationships with businesses and promoting employing individuals with disabilities. 

About Vocational Rehab Counselor Interns and Vocational Rehab Counselor Candidates


Interns and VR Candidates are considered entry level positions and join BRS with a training job-classification. Candidates and Interns will receive specific training and support from Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors and Specialists in a range of duties. These positions can ultimately lead to a VR Counselor role; additional education will be required.  Some of the duties may include helping with intake interviews, gathering data, providing counseling, and planning services, and preparing written reports, data and documentation. 

Qualification Required

General qualifications for a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

To qualify, you must have:

  • A Master's degree from an accredited college with a major course of study in vocational rehabilitation counseling, psychology, special education or related behavioral or social sciences.
  • You may be in your final semester of a master’s degree program from an accredited college if your major course of study is vocational rehabilitation counseling.

General qualifications for VR Counselor Interns

  • A bachelor’s degree and one (1) year of full-time employment as a Vocational Rehabilitation Candidate in the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services and matriculation in a graduate course of study leading to a master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling, psychology, special education or related behavioral or social science.

General qualifications for VR Counselor Candidates

  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college with major courses of study in vocational rehabilitation, counseling, psychology, special education, or related behavioral or social science.
The following preferred qualifications will be considered.
  • Experience working with high school students or adults with disabilities
  • Experience providing outreach and conducting presentations to community agencies
  • Experience with an electronic case management system, Outlook, and video conferencing platforms
  • Experience working with individuals from diverse or underserved populations
  • Experience applying organizational and time-management skills
  • Experience communicating with internal and external stakeholders

Additionally, if hired the job has special requirements:

  • Applicants will need to obtain the educational qualification for the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor and meet the most current national standard for Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC).
  • Must maintain a valid Motor Vehicle Operator's license or Identification Card
  • May be required to travel with or without accommodation.
  • For Interns, it will be expected that you are enrolled in a master’s program.
  • For Candidates, it will be expected that enrollment into a master’s program begin within the first year of your tenure with us.


For detailed information on current job postings, duties and qualifications and to apply for any and all open positions click on the job listing(s) below. You can also sign up for job alerts for new postings, when browsing the site.


Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor 1 (35 Hour) Hybrid

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor 1 (35 Hour) Hybrid

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How to be notified about positions with BRS and apply on website:

  • Click on the job listing above.
  • Once on the job listings page, click on Job Classes at the top navigation bar.
  • Within Job Classes, on the search bar, search for Vocational rehabilitation; a list of all VR jobs will show.
  • Select all the positions that you are interested in, you can select more than one.  Once completed select FINISH to confirm your selection(s).
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  • Once submitted, you will receive an email confirming your interest in receiving information about open or soon to open positions for the job(s) you selected.  
  • If a position is currently open or when a job opens, you will receive a separate email with instructions on how to apply for the position.  

NOTE:  Your name will remain on the interest card list for 365 days from the date you submit your information and receive a confirmation email. If a job opens during that time, you will receive an email when applications are being accepted for the job so that you may apply.