career pathways

The Level Up Program provides students with the tools, training and resources to work competitively and forge a path to independence. Working together, we are building relationships with schools, families and the community and have created a collaborative partnership that introduces students who have an IEP, 504 plan or related special education services to new possibilities. Our goal is to help students, aged 16-22, be better prepared to go out and find their place in the world.

What type of services does this Program provide?

The following pre-employment services are provided through the Level Up program: 

  • Job Exploration 

  • Counseling for Post-Secondary

  • Work Based Learning Experience

  • Work Readiness Training

  • Self-Advocacy

Who can participate? 

Students potentially eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation Services ages 16-22 who currently have an IEP, 504 Plan or documented disability and are connected to a secondary or post-secondary education program.  

Getting Started

Interested students can speak to their designated high school personnel or contact the local BRS field office closest to their school district to get more information.

Best time to connect

The best time to connect to services is 2 years prior to high school graduation. Level Up Counselors can consult with students who are younger than 16 if special circumstances are present.

How are Services Delivered?

Level Up Services are provided directly by Level Up Counselors or through contracted community rehabilitation providers. They can take place on and off school grounds and during, or after school hours. Please keep in mind that the Level Up program is unable to provide transportation for these services.

What happens in a student’s final year of High School? 

When a student enters their final year the Level Up Counselor will talk to the student to determine if they are interested in applying for Vocational Rehabilitation Services. If the student is interested, the Level Up Counselor will assist with the application process.