State Agency Lean Coordinators
State agencies have identified Lean Coordinators who will work on behalf of their agency and the state to promote a culture of continuous improvement.
         These individuals will:
  1. Represent their agency at events and meetings in regard to process improvement activities;
  2. Develop an agency Lean vision in support of statewide process improvement efforts;
  3. Create and work with agency's Lean workgroup/Transformation committee to identify opportunities for improvement and assist in developing teams;
  4. Assist agency executive leadership in creating a twelve-month strategic plan for implementing Lean and communicate this plan with co-workers and other interested parties;
  5. Coordinate logistics of Kaizen events as necessary, including but not limited to; meeting space, parking, equipment and agency resources;
  6. Notify agency staff of Kaizen events, training opportunities and other statewide events;
  7. Monitor and encourage agency’s progress toward achieving short and longer term Lean project goals;
  8. Report to Program Director of LeanCT on agency’s process improvement activities and results;
  9. Ensure agency staff is adequately trained in the implementation of Lean tools; and
  10. Foster a culture of continuous improvement throughout agency.

For Further Information, Contact:
Charlene Casamento, (860) 418-6254;