2020 CJPAC Meetings Agenda & Minutes

Meeting Date  Agenda, Minutes and Presentation Documents
 December 17, 2020 Canceled - Next Meeting Scheduled for January 28, 2021
 November 19, 2020
CJPAC November 2020 Meeting
November Virtual CJPAC Meeting
CCADV_COVID_RO_Report_920 / DualArrestUpdateReport1020

CJPAC November 2020 Presentation / Monthly Indicators Report 2020 November
November 19 CJPAC Agenda / CJPAC October 2020 Meeting Minutes

 October 29, 2020 CJPAC October 2020 Meeting
CJPAC Prosecutor Data Presentation / Monthly Indicators Report - 2020 October
Agenda October 29 CJPAC Agenda / CJPAC Minutes Sep 2020 Final            
 September 24, 2020
 CJPAC September 2020 Meeting (.mp3 file) Agenda/Minutes Monthly Indicators Report (September 2020) Presentation
 June 25, 2020
 CJPAC June 2020 Meeting (YouTube Video)        Agenda / Minutes Monthly Indicators Report (June 2020)
 May 28, 2020  CJPAC May 2020 Meeting  (YouTube Video) Agenda Minutes Undersecretary Marc Pelka and Kyle Baudoin, Policy Development Coordinator - Criminal Justice Policy and Planning Division, Office of Policy and Management Further Analysis of Recent Criminal Justice System Data Presentation and Monthly Indicators Report
 April 30, 2020 CJPAC April 2020 Meeting (YouTube VideoAgendaMinutes  Undersecretary Marc Pelka and Kyle Baudoin, Criminal Justice Policy and Planning Division, Office of Policy and Management Trends Presentation and Monthly Indicators Report
 Mar. 26, 2020  Meeting cancelled
 Feb. 27, 2020  AgendaMinutes  Charlene Russell-Tucker - Deputy Commissioner of Connecticut State Department of Education and Ajit Gopalakrishnan - Chief Performance Officer of Connecticut State Department of EducationPresentation on the 2018-2019 Report of Student Discipline in Connecticut Public Schools
 Jan. 27, 2020 Agenda Minutes Kyle Baudoin,Research Unit, CJPPD, OPM Monthly Presentation Dr. Steven Cox, CCSU, Trina Sexton, Deputy Warden, CT DOC, Maria Pirro-Simmons, Superintendant SD1, CT DOCARES Grant Presentation Job Fair Document, and Symposium Information