Special thanks to Frederick Levesque for your service to Connecticut
and the CJPAC Research Workgroup!

Fred Levesque, Jr.Frederick Levesque, Jr. will be retiring from the Connecticut Department of Correction (DOC). Time and again, we have called on Fred and his valuable expertise in his position as the Director of Offender Classification and Population Management. Words cannot express how much Fred has done to help everyone understand the intricacies of population management and to produce the best information possible, often in times of extreme difficulty. Without Fred and his staff we would not have accurately captured offender histories or clearly understood the inputs and outputs that drive the criminal justice system as a whole. We have benefited greatly from Fred’s significant contributions to our collaborative work products, his knowledge as a subject matter expert in explaining the nuisances of the DOC operations and its vital classification process; and most notable his mastery for making Connecticut’s correctional population forecast one of the most accurate in the nation.
Our sincerest best wishes to Fred in his new endeavors. We will miss you!