The goals of the Budget and Financial Management Division


  • Provide ongoing comprehensive analyses, evaluation and recommendations to the Governor and the Secretary of OPM regarding the financial and programmatic implications of public policies;
  • Provide a viable integration of these financial and programmatic policies through the development of a budget plan that is consistent with executive and legislative intent;
  • Manage and coordinate the implementation of these financial and programmatic policies among State agencies in order to ensure the most efficient delivery of services to the people of Connecticut.


Responsibilities and Mandates

  • The Division develops effective guidelines, procedures and automated tools that support the formulation and execution of state fiscal policy.
  • Provides analyses, evaluations and recommendations on all issues, including but not limited to policy, economic, labor relations, pensions and revenues, which impact the development and implementation of the State's financial and programmatic policies, and advises the Governor, Secretary of OPM, agency heads and the Legislature.
  • Implements the State's policies through development of a capital spending program that meets the statutory bonding cap, and executes and monitors that program through the State Bond Commission.
  • Ensures compliance with applicable state laws, administrative policy, legislative intent and Judicial decisions as they relate to agency fiscal budgets; seeks efficiency and effectiveness of agency operations; undertakes in-depth analysis of agency current and future financial and programmatic needs and accomplishments.

Division Sections – The Division is comprised of 5 sections; each section focuses on an area of government, revenue, economics and application development. 

Division Organization – Organizational chart of the division units.

Division Staff – Division staff telephone and e-mail information.

For further information, contact
Gregory Messner, Executive Budget Officer
(860) 418-6225