Members of the public have reported receiving calls, reportedly from the Judicial Branch of the Public Defender’s office, indicating that their loved one is in jail and they need to immediately send cash or provide a credit card number for bail. These calls are scams, so please do not send cash or provide your credit card number or any other personal information. A public defender would never call and ask for money or credit card information. If you receive such a call, contact the State Police in your state.


Connecticut Services Links

United Way of Connecticut Database containing information for over 4,600 health and human service providers and 48,000 service-sites to help meet the needs of Connecticut citizens.

Department of Social Services Provides a broad range of services to the elderly, people with disabilities, families and individuals.
  • Meet basic needs of food,shelter, economic support and health care
  • Promote and support the choice to live with dignity in one's own home and community
  • Promote and support the achievement of economic viability in the workforce
Board of Pardons and Paroles The mission of the Board of Pardons and Paroles is to facilitate the successful reintegration of suitable offenders into the community.
  • Reduced recidivism
  • More investment in crime prevention (redirect / refocus resources)
  • Reduced victimization
  • Less violent, safer communities
  • An increased capacity to measure all of the above (performance measures)
Deparmtent of Veterans' Affairs Provides general medical care for veterans honorably discharged from the Armed Forces.  In addition, veterans can receive substance abuse treatment, educational and vocational rehabilitation, job skills development, self-enhancement workshops, employment assistance and transitional living opportunities.

DOC Family and Friends Information
Helpful information to families of a Department of Corrections inmate: Family and Friends Handbook, Offender Reentry Assistance, Directions to DOC facilites, and other very useful informaton.

Commisson on Human Rights and Opportunities The mission of the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO) is to eliminate discrimination through civil and human rights law enforcement and to establish equal opportunity and justice for all persons within the state through advocacy and education.

Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities The mission is to advance the cause of equal rights for persons with disabilities and their families by:
  • increasing the ability of individuals, groups and systems to safeguard rights;
  • exposing instances and patterns of discrimination and abuse;
  • seeking individual and systemic remediation when rights are violated;
  • increasing public awareness of unjust situations and of means to address them; and
  • empowering people with disabilities and their families to advocate effectively.
Connecticut Pardon Team The Connecticut Pardon Team has provided information and education to thousands of individuals since 2004 which has helped them determine their eligibility to apply for an expungement pardon.

CTHousing Search The CTHousing locator service allows people to locate available housing that best fits their individual and family needs.

Shelters and Social Services A list of emergency shelters along with general homeless shelters and some transitional housing opportunities.