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Gov. Malloy, Commissioner Klee Slam Trump Administration’s New Coal Rule

(HARTFORD, CT) – Governor Dannel P. Malloy and Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection released the following statements on President Trump’s new coal pollution rule, which rolls back Obama-era protections. The EPA estimates the new rule will cause up to 1,400 premature deaths per year.

“With sea levels already expected to rise by nearly two feet by 2050, climate change presents an existential threat to Connecticut – particularly our coastal communities and maritime economy,” Governor Malloy said. “It’s not a far-off problem; it’s here and we see the effects every day. Weather patterns are more powerful and unpredictable than ever. Western states are beset by devastating drought and unprecedented wildfires. And without real action, the problem will get exponentially worse. Yet, President Trump continues to cave to the will of polluters and is once again rolling back commonsense protections – and it will not only exacerbate climate change, it will make our air dirtier and expose people to pollution. In fact, President Trump’s own EPA estimates that as many as 1,400 people per year will die prematurely because of the increased pollution caused by this backwards rule, and as a downwind state Connecticut will be disproportionately affected. Regardless of these shortsighted and dangerous actions from Washington, my administration will continue to do its part to combat climate change and protect the health of our residents.”

“Climate change is the most significant energy and environmental issue we face today, and the Trump administration’s relentless effort to repeal, weaken or delay national rules intended to protect public health and the environment flies in the face of everything we in Connecticut hold dear,” Commissioner Klee said. “Our state acknowledges that climate change and its devastating impacts present a very real and imminent danger to our state and our planet. We will continue to work every day to put in place innovative solutions that both minimize our state’s contribution to this most pressing global problem and prepare to adapt to the foreseeable changes ahead. The Connecticut DEEP, unlike the current EPA, will continue to make policy decisions informed by the best science available, not special interests.”

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