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July 26, 2011
(HARTFORD, CT) - Governor Dannel P. Malloy released the following statement on the debt ceiling:
Last night, President Obama laid out a clear choice for the American people. The United States can honor the debts we've already incurred while charting a fiscally sustainable path that makes historic cuts in government spending and asks the wealthiest Americans and biggest corporations to give up some of their tax breaks and special deductions. Or, the United States can simply cut government spending in a way that harms our most vulnerable citizens, damages our economic recovery, and requires no sacrifice from the wealthiest among us. As the President noted, Americans are fed up with the politicians in Washington, DC who cling to ideology over common sense, and fight for special interests rather than the common good. I urge Congress to quickly pass a long-term increase to the debt ceiling. A short-term increase would merely extend the economic uncertainty that already has damaged our economic recovery. Once the debt ceiling is increased, I urge Congressional leaders to negotiate with the President to find a bipartisan solution to our fiscal problems, one that balances the need to reduce our debt with the need to accelerate economic growth, create jobs, and ensure the United States remains the strongest economy in the world.
For Immediate Release: July 26, 2011
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