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February 5, 2011
(HARTFORD, CT) - Governor Dannel P. Malloy is reminding Connecticut residents of the critical need to clear snow from their roofs before more bad weather hits the state. Mixed precipitation is expected to fall across Connecticut tonight adding to the weight on already overburdened structures.
"Connecticut is experiencing a winter for the recordbooks. Each day we are hearing about building collapses and precautionary evacuations for homes, schools, and businesses," said Governor Malloy. "It is absolutely imperative that people get out there and get the snow off of their homes and businesses. Homeowners and municipalities have to be aggressive about protecting their structures. On the state level we've had workers clearing off buildings for weeks -- today the Legislative Office Building was cleared. Boards of Education and other municipalities should take a very pro-active stance and not wait until there is a problem, rather have crews clearing snow to avoid the worst case."
A number of municipalities have inquired about the potential of National Guard assistance with snow removal from school buildings. The Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security has issued a statement reminding municipalities that they should not count on the National Guard's availability for roof clearing. Among other criteria, the National Guard will only be deployed in cases where there is imminent danger of collapse and is subject to reimbursement of significant expenses. Towns and cities should continue to make every effort to work within local resources, contractors and mutual aid options, to remove the snow from buildings as soon as possible.
"The State Department of Education sent notice to all schools highlighting the need to clear roofs, so my message today is that work needs to continue," said the Governor.
Governor Malloy also urged those residents living next to seniors to offer assistance with roof clearing if appropriate. In addition, if residents can't clear their own roofs and need to pay for someone else to do it, Governor Malloy suggested contacting the Better Business Bureau to ensure the quality of services.
For Immediate Release: February 5, 2011
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