Liquor On-Premises Application

What is an on-premises permit?

On-premises liquor permits allow your business to sell and serve alcoholic beverages to customers while they remain inside your business. Examples of on-premises locations include restaurants, bars, movie theaters, hotels, and bowling alleys.  We have 26 types of on-premises permits, although the most common type of on-premises permits are the Restaurant Permit, the Restaurant Wine and Beer Permit, and the CafĂ©-Bar Permit.  (Note: These permits are intended for businesses; if you are a nonprofit or other noncommercial entity needing a permit for a fundraising event or auction, please visit our information page for the temporary noncommercial permit.)


Do I need an on-premises permit?

Yes, you must have a permit if you want to sell beer, hard cider, wine, or spirits to your customers for consumption inside the premises.  It is a criminal offense to sell alcoholic beverages without a permit. 

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